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Directions from Pembroke

Prmbroke to Brooklet Elementary

Total Estimated Time: 0 hrs., 32mins.
Total Distance: 19.1 miles

Start out at the intersection of Main Street and Hwy. 67. Turn onto GA-67 heading north towards Statesboro. Go STRAIGHT on GA-67 N. Drive for 11.1 miles. Turn RIGHT onto BROOKLET-DENMARK ROAD. Drive for 7.7 miles.

When entering Brooklet from the Brooklet-Denmark Rd. you will need to turn left onto Cromley Road before entering downtown Brooklet. You will veer to the left onto Cromley Rd. at Cromley Pond. Stay on Cromley Rd. until you reach the intersection of Cromley Rd. and W. Lane St. Take a left onto W. Lane St. and travel about 2 blocks and you will see the school on the right-hand side of the street.

Please take the second driveway onto the school grounds and park in the visitor's parking area. You will need to enter the school at the front main entrance and sign in at the office.

Getting to the school from Brooklet-Denmark Rd. from Pembroke.