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School Counselor s Corner

Mrs. Raina Mallard & Mrs. Nikki Messer, School Counselors

Here is our school counseling website!

The Brooklet Elementary School counseling program operates on the premise that each student has the potential to develop attitudes, make decisions, and change behaviors in order to become more self-directed. It works to assist students in finding the keys to success in both their academic and personal lives. At Brooklet Elementary School we are "preparing children to be lifelong learners."

As school counselors, we are here to support you. We will concentrate our time and energy on the following tasks:

  1. Classroom Guidance - we will visit classrooms to talk with students about various important topics including, but not limited to: MBF Child Safety Matters (an abuse-prevention program utilized in Bulloch County Elementary Schools), Peer Relations, Character Education traits, Career Exploration, etc.
  2. Small Group Counseling - we will lead small counseling/support groups of students (10 or less) in exploring topics such as divorce, anger management/conflict resolution, grief/loss, self-esteem/positive thinking, friendship, etc.
  3. Individual Counseling - we will see students in private in our offices when they are self-referred, or are referred by a teacher or parent. We cannot provide long-term "therapy" for individual students, but are available to listen to students' private concerns.

Please feel free to call or stop by our offices and share your ideas.

Confidentiality is respected!

However, there are instances when confidentiality must be broken. Cases of endangerment, such as physical and sexual abuse, neglect, threatening harm to others, or suicidal thoughts are times when we have a legal obligation to break confidentiality.

Mrs. Raina Mallard

Mrs. Nikki Messer

Brooklet Elementary School
600 W. Lane St.
Brooklet, GA 30415