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Academic Programs

  • Reading Renaissance - We specialize in encouraging reading with emphasis on quantity of books, quality of comprehension, and pride in accomplishment.
  • EIP (Grades K-5) and Title 1 (schoolwide emphasis)- *See Transition Classes
  • ESOL
  • Honors Day - to encourage and recognize student achievement
  • On-site Special Services (resource and inclusion)
  • Quest Program
  • Spelling Bee (Grades 4-5)

Software and Technology:

  • Accelerated Reader -  typical average daily media circulation of 600 books for over 700 students
  • iReady 
  • XtraMath
  • SORA - online library
  • Chromebooks for all students 
  • iPads, and Square Pandas (Grades K-1)

Transition Classes - Brooklet Elementary School is proud to offer a program in Grades K-5 called Transition Classes.  This positive program allows great flexibility in meeting the needs of the at-risk learner.